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A series of enterprise level applications that can be used by IT departments

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Deep Freeze is an inclusive and comprehensive tool designed to help system administrators oversee operations with greater ease. It brings a full complement of tools that can keep your systems safe and prevent your IT team from unnecessarily stressing out. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that's as true in IT as it is in any other part of life. A good system administrator understands this, but modern networks are so complicated that it can be hard to know where to look when you're worried about potential problems looming on the horizon. Deep Freeze puts oversight first so that you can predict the worst before it happens and be properly prepared to address issues when problems do arise.

The root solution that Deep Freeze provides is the automation of your system backups. Whether its caused by attacks from malicious criminals or a simple technical error, losing information can be one of the most costly problems a company can deal with. Deep Freeze automates the process so that your system admin team won't have to fret even when the unexpected happens. They freeze your endpoints in place so that you can restore your computers back to where they were with a simple reboot, and you won't have to worry about your IT team having to go in and pull off any complex maneuvers to return you to your preferred position. This means that you don't have to worry about limiting the flexibility of your users through the implementation of restrictive lockdown features, and it protects you against a number of malicious attacks like phishing scams. And since it reverts you back to where you were in every way, it effectively eliminates malicious threats to your machine cleanly and without leaving any remnants behind.

There are a number of smaller quality of life features here as well. Deep Freeze gives you a lot of granular control over how and when your computer performs maintenance and updates, so your IT team won't have to worry about configuring every computer manually, and there's a fully stacked dashboard for management. It essentially gives them direct and meaningful control over your systems in real time so they can override malicious intent as soon as they see it occurring and before any irreparable damage is committed.

You don't have to worry about your user data becoming more complicated or restricted either. This information can be saved on a non-system drive, and they also provide support for virtual drives they call "ThawSpaces". What this means is that all of your user data will be saved as it is even when you freeze up a computer's operations. Further simplifying the process is the ability for Deep Freeze to be deployed in a number of different ways, so your network administrator can create a system that's accommodating to your business model.


  • Can largely replace the need for traditional anti-virus software
  • A lot of control over when and how you freeze your platforms


  • Many options locked out unless you subscribe to a higher price tier

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